It’s Been a Minute, huh?

Hey! Sorry, I’ve been a little busy lately. But, here’s some of what I’ve been working on. A gift, for your eyes and imagination. Enjoy!
P.S. For those of you who follow me and would like slightly more frequent updates, please check out this page It’s the start of a burgeoning collective I am working on with some talented fellow artist who will be posting their artwork there. Hopefully, a full fledged website will be on the way! Enough talk though, look at pictures!


Albatross Hatchling!

This is for a contest called “cute monsters” over at that I’ve just entered. The prize is both $1500 and t-shirts with the cute little dude on it. If you have an account over there, I’d be thrilled if you voted for it! Here’s the link, go for it!

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More Trailer Park Samurai art!

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So, this past Saturday, I treated myself to a day after birthday hangover gift. No, I didn’t grumpily stumble into the nearest convenient store and purchase some bc powder! Instead, after a delicious lunch at Mona’s (I ate their perfect eggplant sandwich) that I was treated to by two lovely friends of mine, said friends … Continue reading

The Process.

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This is a portrait I did of a friend of mine. I’ve decided to provide a bit of a “step by step,” showing my process. Nothing to mind blowing honestly, but I enjoy seeing how others do things (I’m a sucker for the Making Of parts on DVDs) so I figured it might be entertaining … Continue reading

Daisy Morgan

He is the representative of Daisy Morgan Illustrated, so it’s only fitting that he’d be the subject of DMI’s first blog. He doesn’t have a name, so for now we’ll just call him Daisy Morgan.