Albatross Hatchling!

This is for a contest called “cute monsters” over at that I’ve just entered. The prize is both $1500 and t-shirts with the cute little dude on it. If you have an account over there, I’d be thrilled if you voted for it! Here’s the link, go for it!

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More Trailer Park Samurai art!

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So, this past Saturday, I treated myself to a day after birthday hangover gift. No, I didn’t grumpily stumble into the nearest convenient store and purchase some bc powder! Instead, after a delicious lunch at Mona’s (I ate their perfect eggplant sandwich) that I was treated to by two lovely friends of mine, said friends … Continue reading

Need to get someone a gift?

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and you still haven’t got that special someone a present? Shame on you! I’m kidding, of course. Anyways, head on over to and check out some prints, mugs, post cards, etc. I have for sale! Maybe you’ll find just what you were looking for…